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Optional Pre-Conference Intensive Workshops

$199 Early Bird

Full-Day Friday, September 14

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Come to Santa Fe on Thursday, stay the night and then start Friday morning at one of these full-day intensive workshops. Each of them is designed to focus on creative breakthrough in a particular area. These teachers are experienced guides and will help you identify your blocks, struggles, and most important questions—then gain clarity on how to move forward!

The Artist's Way: A Workshop with Julia Cameron

For everyone—writers and non-writers alike!

Discover and recover your creative self with Julia Cameron, author of the groundbreaking book The Artist’s Way. Now is the time to release your dreams and launch a more creative life, simply by doing something you love.

Experience a lively mix of lecture, Q&A, and creative clusters (success occurs in clusters and is born in generosity). Come into an intensive, guided encounter with your own creativity, including your private villains, champions, wishes, fears, dreams, hopes, and triumphs.

First published in 1992, The Artist’s Way is credited with helping millions of people find and express authentic creativity in their lives and work. Find out how in this unique weekend with Julia, designed to set you free.
No prerequisite. Please bring a notebook and pen.

Get Published Workshop with Randy Davila

Writers! Do you want to get published?

If you have been working on a manuscript or a book idea and want to know how to prepare it for publishing, this is an extremely practical workshop for you.

In his role as publisher, Randy must shepherd the raw creative work of writers into a form that is easily understood and can be read by a broad audience. In this workshop, he will help aspiring authors gain clarity about the process of submitting a draft manuscript—and then what must happen before that book can find its place on store shelves.

You will learn:

  • What publishers (and readers!) look for in a manuscript
  • The most common new author writing mistakes–and how to avoid them
  • The makings of a great book title and cover
  • The pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • And more...

Randy works to demystify what can be an intimidating experience. If you have ever wished that you could talk to a real publishing insider and get your questions answered, this is your chance!

Ignite Your Passion & Reenergize Your Creative Fire with HeatherAsh Amara

Creative Tune-up! Much like our breath, creativity is a life-giving force that flows through all of us—it is the energy that allows us to meet life’s challenges, express ourselves uniquely, and manifest our art in the world.

For Warrior Goddess, creative teacher, and firewalker HeatherAsh Amara, creativity is as necessary as breathing when it comes to experiencing the best that life has to offer. She teaches us to notice the blocks that arise to keep us from creative expression—because they are actually invitations to go deeper into our life’s true work.

When our creativity is blocked, many of the connective aspects of our lives, like communication, intuition, and even love, can also suffer. When our creativity is in flow, we see possibilities rather than obstacles, challenges become friends rather than foes, and love becomes the touchstone of every action.

In this highly experiential workshop, HeatherAsh will use a series of interactive exercises, intense breath work, and meditation/visualization techniques to help you open up your creative airways and get your creative energy back in flow.

RX for Artists Intensive with Melody Ross

Out From Under — Creating a new way to nurture the ruts, the creative blocks and the shadowland funk that is part of being a creative person. What you see in an artist's public profile—their Instagram, Facebook, and website sharing—are often the end product highlights of a deep process.

Most don't share the long days of self-doubt, feeling lost, wondering if their work will ever make sense to themselves (much less to the world!).

Melody Ross has had incredible success as an artist, but what many don't know is that on the way to creating her worldwide Brave Girls Club tribe and a lifestyle that most would envy, she lost everything. The process of listening to life and recreating herself as an artist one intuitive step at a time led her to understand how important it is to encourage and teach other creatives that it is safe to trust difficult times because they lead to breakthrough.

During this day-long intensive you will learn important ways to see through the dark; take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual self; and use everything you find along the way to supercharge your creative batteries to fuel your unfolding as a human and an artist. 

Whether these creative ruts last days or weeks or months, or if you're in the middle of one right now, you'll find help and tools in this day-long course.

* You will need to bring a small supply of simple art supplies—we will provide this list well in advance of the event. A creative workbook/journal will be provided in this course that you will customize and add to.

Other Things to Do in Santa Fe

Bringing someone with you who isn't attending the conference, or want to come and stay an extra day to explore Santa Fe? There is so much to do, see, taste, and touch within a short walk or Uber ride from the hotel!

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